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We are a team of laboratories focused on Evolution and Genomics. The mission of the Feng Lab is to investigate the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms determining biological diversity, with a specific focus on genotype-phenotype relationship and macroevolution-microevolution relationship. To achieve this, we focused on birds, and used comparative genomic, phylogenomic approach, developmental biology and machine learning to understand the evolution of phenotypic adaptations, how changes in DNA affect development, the role of selection and demographic forces in shaping the biodiversification, and the tempo and mode of evolution.


Rongsheng published genome assemblies of four manakins in Scientific Data

Oct.19, 2022

RongSheng, second year master student in the lab, has published her graduate research in Scientific Data entitled Draft genome assemblies of four manakins. Manakins are a family of small suboscine passerine birds characterized by their elaborate courtship displays, non-monogamous mating system, and sexual dimorphism. This family has served as a good model for the study of sexual selection.